Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 2015

Drew- getting to be big boy. Says many words such as Lydia, bird, shoe, GO! (In the car). Calls his binki an eebee. We want to take it away but he's so obsessed that we give them to him for naps and sleep. Obsessed with sports. Plays basketball for 30mins straight in house and with Luke next door neighbor with real big bball and hoop. Will throw ball to our Luke and Luke will hit it and they run to get ball. Drew sits with daddy and watches all sorts of sports. First word was ball. Runs soooo cute with his fists at his chest and elbow out like chicken wings and he's so serious when he runs. Super skinny waist- he's 20 months but wears 6-12 month shorts. 12-18 size falls off of him. Super sweet with momma! Lays on shoulder and cuddles. Understands all that we say! Wipes kisses off face and makes eyebrow mad face. Laughs and loves being silly with daddy. Loves daring things like being upside down, sitting on top of car or refrigerator. Tries to use scooter already. Won't stop climbing things!

Luke- rule follower, safety guy. Loves to do what lydi does or a friend of his does. Super sweet especially at night with just mom and dad on the couch. Holds all his friends hands! Obsessed with Evan and Charleston his "buddies" from school. Loves when dad whispers in his ear at night you're my buddy forever. Really into ninja turtles now- pjs and underwear. Playing t-ball and has a good arm when he throws! Only orders chicken strips at restaurants. Reads books in bed before nap. Finishing up balloon room now at UUM preschool. Very organized and likes things in their place. Plays and takes care of Drew very very well. Talks in moron talk all the time and thinks it's funny. Gets mad and will try and hit me but then feels bad. Loves bike and scooter.

Lydia- lots of attitude and sass but very helpful when she wants to be. Loves taking walks because she gets to see everyone around us. Asks everyday for a play date or to play with a neighbor. Super social- says hi to everyone she sees and also knows all the names in her school and siblings. Reads at 1st grade level already even though she's only 4 years old and yet to start Kindergarten. Having petting zoo party at farm for 5th bday. Wants frozen party though now. Very spirited and wants things her way. First dance recital this weekend and can't wait to wear makeup and do her hair. All she wants to wear is flip flops and stick on earrings

Monday, February 23, 2015

February 2015

Drew (nicknames have been gop, goppy, gip geech, drettles, drewman drettles, tooban, da fooban, and many iterations of drewman and drettles) - running everywhere can come to you and give hugs and open mouth kisses, wants to do everything big kids do and follows them around, throws food to get attention but is a great eater still, when older kids go into school he runs ahead and wants to play with sand table or his favorite- the kitchen!!!, starting to say words like- all done, apple (he grabs them out of refrigerator and walks around taking tiny little bites out of his big apple), bird, ball, mommy, daddy, yidi, yuke, loves cars and trucks and especially balls and basketball hoop. He lays on shoulder right away when tired for nap and sleep. Smiles and giggles huge with his cute chicklet teeth and squints his eyes. He understands all that we say and direct him to do- very smart!

Luke (nicknames have been sugar filled, handsome dooky, mankeeto tickle pits, my buddy, and many more) - loves school especially his friend Evan, loves coloring and being on computer, building blocks, playing with animals and cars trucks and trains. Obsessed with the train store and will play with the train tables for hours. Learning to dress himself, zip coat, and put on own shoes. He's talking very well and loves to sit and read/look at books. Loves Drew so much and sometimes squeezes him too hard because loves him especially his hands. Always wakes up with birdlurds. Loves the bath and running up and down the side walk. Loves the zoo and train there. Drinks a ton of water, juice, and milk but won't eat much food other than his favorites- oranges, eggs, chicken nuggets, pizza. He won't eat a vegetable! Loves toy story movie and going to library for story time. He loves to play this kindergarten learning game and is great at it. Very smart!

Lydia (nicknames have been Froto Beekenz, Meb Keflezghi, me cupie, beeboo, cupcake, cutie, and many more) - smart as a whip already reading big words and has a photographic memory for sure. Still very social and loves people. She is always asking who are we going to see today and tonight what are we going to do today. She always needs an activity or play date. She is super super loud and we have to constantly remind her to lower her voice. She is obsessed with school but already there is girl drama sometimes that hurts her feelings. She loves to color, write, read, run, take walks, play in snow- but wants to do all with friends or Luke. She is very picky about what she wears and wants to wear stick on earrings and throws a fit when I won't let her wear makeup. She can't wait for kindergarten. She can be smart Alec and talk back to us big time. She likes to talk potty talk and gets in trouble for it but just at home. She has stopped taking naps but is so tired has to got to sleep at 7. Luke stays up with us and is a perfect little cuddling angel for that extra hour.

We are starting plans for our addition this summer to build in 2016.

We love you so much, Mommy & Daddy!

Friday, December 5, 2014

November 2014

drew - drew started taking major steps at his 14 month bday mark. he is now walking from the kitchen to the tv room. he loves to eat and his favorite things now are mandarin oranges, turkey, string cheese, yogurt, grapes, graham crackers. He does this funny thing where he tries to give open mouth kisses but we are always afraid that he will bite down with his cute sharp teeth. he thinks that is so funny. he is super tickelish and giggles at everything. he is still such a sweet, loving, happy baby for sure. he still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps in his sleep sack but now he likes to go to sleep with his cup of milk. He is starting to LOVE reading books and touching all the pages. He understands many words and understands commands. he can nod his head yes and its super cute. he says momma and dadda and sometimes puppy. he is trying to talk more. he has had 3 ear infections in the last few months so hopefully he won't have anymore or the dr may have to put tubes in. He sleeps very well at night. Obsessed with binki still and wants to turn around in the car to see the movie. races around the ottoman with the kids giggling. He loves to play with trucks and blocks. he still doesn't like to sit in the bath but loves to stand at the faucet and bite the water as it comes out. he was a crab and frog for halloween. Nicknames: Dreddles, gip geech, goppy, drewman

luke - loves his cars and buses but is really into building blocks and houses for his little animals. he likes to categorize them into farm and zoo animals. his teachers say that he is advanced in the organization and matching and art areas. she was impressed that he organized his cars by color at school and lined them up perfectly. He loves to listen to books and asks many many questions. he doesn't like to eat much at all. obsessed with candy and chicken nuggets and mio drink. he won't sit in his chair at dinner well and hasn't been listening to us very much. when we put him in time out he just screams and throws things. he is scared of his daddy though. he never wants me to tell daddy any of the bad things he did while daddy was at work. he cuddles on the couch with daddy and in his book reading chair and they talk about how much they love each other. he wants to climb on everything and the winter is not going to be easy for him pent up in the house. his friends at school are liam, billy, evan, and charleston. his teachers say that he is a very good boy but sometimes pushes a little. no hitting, he saves that for home and hitting his sister. they chase each other around the house and luke just learned how to pull lydias hair. he sleeps in a twin bed on the floor now with truck sheets that he loves. on his bday cake he wanted horses and trucks! he LOVES play animals esp horses. he likes to make houses for them. Nicknames: Mankeeto tickle pits, The Duke of Dookey, Sugar-filled

lydia - is getting to understand other peoples feelings much better now and really tries to behave most of the time. She takes naps about every other day and has a big bed in her room now. She  loves to paint her nails and put on pretend makeup. She wears her sequin purse that jodi gave her to school each day and has lipstick and change in it. she dresses herself in funny outfits and doesn't want to wear her hair up unless it is to dance class on Saturdays. she played soccer this fall and was aggressive and enjoyed it but didn't like when she got hurt. she is still a drama queen and says she has a boyfriend at school. for xmas she is going to get a bike and she wants stick on earrings. she loves to wear necklaces to school. She is very advanced in her letters and reading. She loves to read and can sound out many words. She has many books that she can read through already. She has a memory like no other. she understands so much and asks many questions. She is very close to God and prays at night very well. she can say the our father and hail mary already! she likes frozen movie songs but is scared of the movie at times. once she is overtired she loses it and causes a huge drama scene with friends or family. she is a good helper and likes to help set the table and will clean up her toys if she is praised during and after. Nicknames: bookenz kiss, me cuppy, meb kafleezgee, 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 2014

Lydi- Still sleeps in her toddler bed, she needs us to count to 4 and move our finger down from her forehead four times to nose each time she sleeps, likes door cracklied, dresses herself with Jewelry and stick on earrings and perfume, starting the shower by herself but still likes to play in there more than wash, best friends are Charlotte Kittner, Parker and frannie kluesner, loves to work on writing her numbers and letters, she is really starting to read and can spell many small words and sounds big ones out, bookey nickname, she likes to nickname the boys and Jeff, likes to wrestle with daddy but screams and laughs the whole time which mommy can't stand, loves the iPad and computer and phone - Facebook, can say our father prayer all by herself, starting to be really good in church, goes to Sunday school, will be in superstar preschool room, this fall doing soccer and dance, helps a good amount and loves being a caretaker, likes hide and seek, can really swim well now, can jump off diving board at farm and swim to shallow end, loves her nails painted, couch time after boys go to bed,

luke - puts shoes on opposite feet, has to wear socks even with sandles, starting to potty train, loves his spiderman and thomas tank engine underwear - has to dump his own pee in the potty and it gets it on his hands all the time also refuses to poop on the potty, obsessed with reading book before bed then putting them each in crib then climbing over the arm of the chair, needs all to be in same exact order, likes me to sing one boy song old mcdonald "farm song" and rock a bye baby. loves when daddy whispers in his ear he says "...gordock..." and daddy talks about what he loves about the day with Luke to him. loves kicking the soccer ball, throwing the ball, digging in the sand at the beach, jumping in the waves "watch out big one" we couldnt just say watch out - he would get mad we had to change it and add big one. loves his scooter and helmet and riding it in the park with jack ketcham, charleston perez, and knox alferman. loves breakfast but doesnt eat much meat and only wants to eat cheese fruit and dairy. obsessed with saying BOTH when given a choice - luke do you want juice or milk? Both Both! about to start school in the balloon room. mankiss and buddy hug are sayings with daddy. fit in the pic'sh, loves to "power bomb" daddy, when daddy leaves he comes to door to give high five and one more kiss. asks all day long "where's daddy? i say where do you think he is? he says "woork". on vacation he would ask jodi where's paul even when paul was standing right next to her and did that with each couple, will not stop "loving on" Drew but that is basically pulling and squeezing his arms and legs. when he has been sick he says kiss me goppy, says his prayers at night so cute and prayed for dog Piper on the other street. lydia takes care of him like she is his mommy and nurse

Drew- At 10.5 months started crawling and about 11 started pulling up on everything and taking steps while holding on, crawls everywhere in the house and puts everything in mouth, eats everything and lots of food, drinks regular milk now and nurses about twice a day, likes to chew on toys, has 4 teeth on bottom and 2 on top, loves when daddy tickles his arm pit and giggles really cute, Luke is constantly hugging and pulling and kissing him which now makes him cry, drewman dreedles, straight up nettes, kooman kettles, tuman tettles, stands up in crib now, has figured out that crying gets him attention, falls asleep on daddy's shoulder in the chair, likes to swing, still doesn't like the bath much but getting better, loves the pool, so adorable when he cuddles with you and puts cheeks on your cheek, loves to throw balls back and forth and even can throw to the dog and play fetch

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 2014

drew-  has 4 teeth on top 2 on bottom, starting to get on all 4s and rock back and forth, will roll multiple times to get to what he wants, loves talking with luke and lydia - they go back and forth with each other in the car and at the table, loves to eat cheerios, turkey, cheese, bananas, avocado, small pieces of chicken, is still breastfeeding but only in morning, naps, and night, grabs everything in sight and wants to put in mouth, loves lounging in the pool in his raft, super layed back and easy going but now on the move and super squirmy when you hold him or change diaper, he wants to play on the ground all the time and now gets sad when mommy or the kids leave the room he is in, hates wearing his sun hat, always giggling and smiling, loves being tickled and peak a boo, loves his wubanub binkis, has never worn shoes yet, not too fond of the bath, claps hands well, starting to wave, can give high fives to kids, loves playing with cars and trucks with luke

luke - starting to be able to understand him better but still broken sentences, doesn't want to potty train - says hes scared of the potty, obsessed with puzzles and very good at the usa map puzzle, loves trying on everyones shoes and says - i a socca playa, reads 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed by himself, needs to do everything himself - if i help him out of the car he has to climb back into the car and get out himself, still in crib but getting hard to go to sleep during naps a little, loves to swim with his floaty in the pool, does everything lydia does, bye bye night night bye bye deet, wants to hold and squeeze drew all the time, can say his prayer at night by himself and brush his teeth a little, hates going poopy - hurts his bottom and says don't touch me while he is pooping, still loves playing and lining his cars up perfectly in a row, has to have things just his way with lining toys up, wears high heels and makeup when lydi does, plays really well with Charleston, liam, and other boys, sings/screams let it go in the car, wants to pick out his own clothes, can put his own shoes on by himself but gets frustrated when his shoes come un velcroed, favorite food is cheese, grilled cheese, strawberries and milk

Lydi - smart and sassy but very caring considerate and sweet, pays well with charolotte, matt, and other kids, wants to be faster, taller, and older than her friends, loves sidewalk chalk scooter princess sprinkler, wants everyone to spell things for her and interested in sounding out words, can read names in my phone, loves playing games - headband game, go fish, candy land, matching, eye spy, does expressions like mommy and uses words like daddy "i'm sick of it", always wants to know where everyone is and where they are going, likes getting mail, runs to daddy when he gets home (with luke), needs to have constant activity, loved her pompom dance class with mrs west and is now in neighborhood camp, really wants to learn how to swim but still working on it. likes hanging with older girls like parker but still needs to learn how to share more, good at dribbling soccer ball, sings let it go and makes up song at end of the night about all the daily activities, does exactly what i tell her not to do, drama queen and cries at the drop of a hat, loves baby cousin amelia and can hold her very well, very motherly and nurturing, hates her hair brushed, wants to sit in the regular seat in the car and argues with me about it, gets couch time with mommy and daddy once boys go to sleep, loves dress up, eats well and even starting to eat salad

Monday, May 5, 2014

APRIL 2014

Drew- giggles when kiss neck, obsessed with grabbing the spoon when eating food so now have to give him a spoon to play with then feed with another, trying to talk but it's like a hollow groan. Loved reclining in pool chair in destin like lazy boy chair, loves when kids sing abcs and take me out to ball game- any crying and singing to him he stops, like jumping in jumper seat, leans forward in highchair at restaurants and eat it, obsessed with watching the kids, loves to sit and play with musical toys, when change diaper he reaches for lamp

Luke- loved raking and digging, running through puddles and chasing birds at Destin beach, loved daddy bouncing in pool but at times didn't want to get in the pool because it was wet:), sometimes wakes up from naps on wrong side of the bed and has grumpy face, confused at what he wants in bath no bath in bath no bath, loves his abc cardinal book and knows all the letters and numbers, wants to sleep with trucks, in destin slept in queen bed, won't share with lydi or Drew well, doesn't want to participate  at soccer yet, doesn't like us to brush his teeth and sometimes have to hold him down, addicted to sugar and Doritos, does EVERY single thing Lydia does including repeating what she says, chases birds up street into yards wants to touch- " i touch I touch", Talking much better, obsessed with goppy always hugging and kissing him still loves trucks, Legos, puzzle, calls us in at night and says ah oh mommy ah oh daddy meaning his blankets fell off him and he needs them back on- his little stall mechanism. Got car movie goggles and Spiderman underwear for Easter

Lydia- wants alone time, loves playing waitress, amazing memory including people's names and numbers (remembered the destin door code after us telling her once), doesn't listen to us sometimes and does it her way- other times is a super great helper, drama when tired especially- was crying because she didn't have her cowboy boots in destin and wanted to wear them to dinner, likes me to wrap her doll "like they do in the hospital", still has night terrors if no nap, starting to grow out of naps, loves to say nicknames for the boys- calls them strewman, druke, stewman, daddyshmaddy, had to teach her to count to five and deep breath when mad, her and Luke fight by Luke hitting her and her hitting back or squeezing his cheeks, loves to run in circles with Luke chasing her, loves playing hide and seek with Luke and daddy, likes playing games like memory candy land and headband guessing game, gets her privileges taken away when disobeys including sitting on the couch after boys go to sleep, obsessed with gum (only gets for special occasion) very picky of her clothes, talks and acts like an adult, got press on earrings, nail polish (which she's obsessed with) and doc mc stuffins goggles and underwear for Easter. Principal office for being mean to one of the boys

Love forever, mommy and daddy

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 2014

Hi our three little loves. Here are some new happenings:

Lydia, (almost 4yrs old)
Noodle head pasta Lydia wants to nickname her friends at school silly Moron nicknames
Very helpful but also likes to tell Luke what to do and not to do
Can peddle tricycle
Can type her name, Luke's, and drews

Luke, (almost 2.5yrs old)
Wants to know everything's name- he says "Name name"
Says You're welcome instead of Thank you
Names of animals Benny bear, Max mouse, Peter the puppy
Kids climb into crib with Drew
Roll with dooky
Knows all his letters, colors, and numbers

Drew, (six months old)
Eats rice cereal other kids didn't
Only loud and frustrated when food isn't fed fast enough to him
Getting two front bottom teeth
Getting close to sitting on your own
Rolls all over the floor by himelf now
Loves to take socks off
Big giggler

We love you all so much,
Mommy & Daddy